Jonkanoo/Jonkonnu/Junkanoo/Junkannoo/etc… (John Canoe) are masquerades usually performed around Christmas time. In Jamaica, masqueraders take on the form in masked dancing, acting processions, and revelry. Origins of Jonkanoo festivities and revelry are believed to have origins in West African secret societies, which evolved with a unique identity. This custom has elements and influences from European masquerade, Creole, African rhythmic drumming, and dramatic content. This works imagery seems to have its origin in the Eastern part of the island, in St. Thomas and Portland, distinctive of American Indian types dressed with beads and mirrors, and wearing feathered head-dresses. This character is indicative of the King with, implicit Jamaican flag, and mesh screen obscuring the face behind the mask. ORIGINAL FOR SALE, Oil on Canvas, 30" x 40" - Print image dimension is 18" x 24", with a limited edition size of 650, on 100% cotton rag PH buffered, acid free paper.

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