F I N E         A R T



In the beginning there was keen observation for things in nature. Butterflies, sea creatures, cuttlefish, birds, rocks, trees, and leaves are examples. The sea, sky and ocean are still major influences since spending early years surrounded by rich blue hues. Color and chroma alike are essential in my painting and often coexist to convey my visual interpretation.

Patterns serve a prime role in the process. How patterns evolve in nature. Also, how we perceive, interpret, use them and how they impact or shape our lives. Textures derived from patterns, juxtaposition of patterns, or juxtaposing patterns and surface imagery, as surface is significant in the conceptual approach. These aroused interest in studies and discoveries such as geometry, optics and fractals. The paintings represent my attempt to create cohesion with nature’s patterns and how we induce or deduce patterns. Light is emphasized to enhance brilliance in color, pattern, texture, and surface.

Color, chroma, pattern, texture, juxtaposition of surfaces, and interpretation of nature influence my journey.




"I served as curator for a number of art exhibitions that included Anthony O’Neal as a participant. I have always considered him to be an exceptional artist who has mastered his art. His style combines the technical virtuosity of Salvador Dali with the raw originality of Pablo Picasso. His art resonates post, post, post modern culture and articulates a visual language that reflects the zeitgeist of his era. His art is the most powerful statement of the Art as Ritual movement - a movement that returns art to its original purpose as a form of magic that both reflects and co-creates reality.” - Ricardo A. Frazer, Ph.D. Director, Dittmar Memorial Gallery, Northwestern University (1992-1999)