F I N E         A R T



Producing a fine art print is a slow and meticulous process which requires the skill of an artist to create museum quality prints. This calls for special techniques to obtain the best color accuracy, sharpness, continuous color tone and artistic interpretation available in fine art prints. All prints are produced in house and are not mass produced by resellers or dealers, nor created with dye based inks. These prints are personally produced with care as originals by the artist in the tradition of fine art print making. Each print is a "one-of-a-kind" and an original in its own right. Each original art work is mastered to closely match the original image. Subtle enhancements may be incorporated in the print image to make it unique while maintaining the integrity of its original imagery. Any modifications are aesthetic from an artist’s perspective, therefore recognizable by a discerning eye. Color and imagery are not simply photocopying or color correcting, but highly specialized techniques to enhance color, brilliance, and effects.

The process produces the image in an archival finish using pigment based inks. Pigmented inks offer a great surface and longevity in archival color ink prints compared to dye base ink prints. Using pigmented based inks along with high quality media surfaces offer the widest possible color gamut without restriction on achieving the highest light-fastness properties. In addition to color, professional level black and white photographic printing with enhanced grey scale gradations are provided in monochrome, therefore producing smooth tonal variations in grey scale images. With a wide range of color and gray scale at hand, a rich variety of sepia tones are achievable. True archival color and monochrome prints are produced in this process to meet the high quality and standards with regard to value collectors seek in a fine art print investment.

Limited edition fine art prints, and artists proofs represent a significant amount of our base fine art prints being offered. Limited edition printing heightens the value of each print. All prints are personally hand signed and numbered by the artist.


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